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Jenny Dunn – New York Marathon Training Update

Wow – what a journey. So excited/ nervous that it’s only 2 weeks from the big day. All up, it will be 8 months of training learning how to run distance and getting in the required training. I’ve gone from being able to run 3km at the start to my longest run to date of […]

Perks Foundation -New York MarathonCK Lim – New York Marathon Training Update

With just over two weeks to go before the New York marathon in November, it is hard to believe how quickly the 8 months since I was chosen by Perks to run the marathon has passed. In these 8 months, I can confidently say that I have ran more kilometres that I ever have in […]

Belinda ButlerBelinda Butler – New York Marathon Training Update

Less than 4 weeks to go until the New York Marathon and one big milestone 34km run being the Operation Flinders challenge, after that I will start to taper off my runs in preparation for the big one. Being a first-timer I have taken on board lots of advice since I started running in February […]

Katrina Goodwin – New York Marathon Training Update

I’ve finally entered the 30km + zone. I have to say I never expected it to be this tough. I thought the gradual build would result in my body being comfortable with the longer distances but it’s just not the case! Slight panic has set in…  On the brighter side, I have a rest week […]

Latest Update from Katrina Goodwin

With just 11 weeks to go till the marathon, I’m now well into gear with my training. Last week I ran from the Airport to my home in Aberfoyle Park (20km) and from here on in I’ll be running more than a half marathon for my weekly long run – a pretty sobering, yet somehow […]

Operation Flinders

The Perks Foundation is proud to support Operation Flinders, a South Australian not for profit organisation supporting South Australian youth at risk. Operations Flinders offers a unique opportunity to young offenders and young people at risk to participate in a world leading wilderness adventure program with the purpose of providing a new direction in life. […]

South Australian Variety Bash

The Perks Foundation is pleased to support the South Australian Variety Bash in raising funds for children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs. Representing Perks on the SA Variety Bash were Neil Oakes (Director – Perks), Matthew Petersen (Associate Director – Perks), Peta Nunn (Associate Director – Perks) and Alana Thurstans (Sales Manager […]

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