Camp Quality – Caravan Upgrade

Camp Quality provide services to assist children living with cancer and their families to help create a better life by building optimism and resilience throughout each stage of their cancer journey.

One of the ways that Camp Quality assists is by offering an onsite caravan situated at the Adelaide Shores Caravan Park which is used as a respite for them. Accessing the caravan is something tangible for the children and their families to look forward to. Having a short getaway from the stresses of cancer treatment is just what the families need at times. In the unfortunate circumstance that a hospital visit is required while there, it is situated only 10 minutes from the nearest one as well.

Due to this location it is also used by rural families when they come to town for regular check ups at the hospital.

The caravan was in need of facelift, and the Perks Foundation have contributed funds towards this which will cover general maintenance, repainting, new quilt covers and curtains, updated flooring and repairs of bikes left on the site.

Below are some pictures of the caravan pre renovation, and we will update you once all the work has been completed.