Operation Flinders – Assistant Team Leader

The Perks Foundation has been supporting Operation Flinders over the past 12 months, and has recently offered the opportunity for staff members to further help as an assistant team leader.

Given the nature of the camps, there is a substantial application process and significant training to be completed before a team member can be involved.

Carmen Littlefield embraced the opportunity and upon returning from her first camp, has provided a summary and photos of her experience below.

I start by expressing my gratefulness of being introduced to the Operation Flinders program as now having experienced it first hand as an assistant team leader I am hooked.

We walked 12 km’s every day in a picturesque environment, walking in rocky and hilly terrain and crossing over rivers carrying about 12-15 kilos to a different camp site every night.

It is an amazing program in which I was fortunate enough to have witnessed firsthand the changes in each participant over a 7 day period.

I was with a Group of young Women from a country community college. It did have its challenges particularly in the first three days but they all proved to be strong resilient young women.

The whole exercise was run by a diverse team of volunteers plus staff and everyone works hard and gets the job done. The work and logistics that is involved to get one of these operations going is huge.

Personally I got a lot out of it and have grown from this wonderful and sometimes challenging experience.

I have attached a few photos for you to look at.

Operation Flinders - SceneryOperation Flinders - GroupOperation Flinders - Hills